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A Note from Scarlett

This is why I do what I do! It is amazing to hear the feedback from our wonderful clients. Whenever I am feeling unsure about whether or not I’m on the right path in my life, I reread emails from grateful clients and it snaps me back to reality. I feel so much love & appreciation for being able to run GLOSS. At this point, I can’t see myself feeling as fulfilled doing anything else. So to you, the client (or prospective client) THANK YOU!

-Scarlett Sensi

GLOSS Rhode Island, USA

Testimonials from Crossdressing Clients » GLOSSDRESS (3)

sasha clay

04:01 30 Apr 22

It was wonderful, I felt very at ease, the make up artist was great,I was given ample time to look through the clothes... and dress upThe location is very private and unassuming. Scarlett and the make up artist were really easy to talk to, all in all I really enjoyed my time over thereread more

Testimonials from Crossdressing Clients » GLOSSDRESS (4)

Susan Allen

15:44 27 Apr 22

Had an absolute blast! My makeup was amazing and Scarlett is a wizard with a camera. Can't wait to visit again!

Testimonials from Crossdressing Clients » GLOSSDRESS (5)

Tatianna Courter

18:57 23 Apr 22

It was an eye-opening experience. I was nervous and applied off a whim because I was primarily going to RI for... different reasons. This made my trip so much better. Not only did they do a phenomenal job and photoshoot, but I was able to talk to Scarlett as well. She was very supportive and answered a lot of questions I never knew I needed to ask about this lifestyle. They do a very good job, extremely discrete, and left a little wiser in the end. Also when I say they do a very good job, you will be pleasantly surprised.read more

Testimonials from Crossdressing Clients » GLOSSDRESS (6)

Gens Lut

21:52 01 Apr 22

I attended my first TS/CD party last weekend and luckily for me Scarlett and her Gloss team were accepting appointments... to do makeup at the event.It was my first time going out in public dressed and I was definitely nervous. Upon arriving at the event and getting settled in a little, I met with Scarlett and Chadi and all my nervousness melted away, they were both simply just amazing. I was blown away at how comfortable they instantly made me feel. Chadi is a true artist and made me look sooooooo pretty ! I received so many compliments that night on my look and can't wait to go back ! Scarlett and her Gloss team are consummate professionals and will make you look your best right down to the tiniest little detail and to top it all off, they are some of the most down-to-earth friendliest most welcoming people I have ever met. I will definitely be using their services again and would highly recommend them to anyone considering using this company.read more

Testimonials from Crossdressing Clients » GLOSSDRESS (7)

Wendy James

10:22 19 Mar 22

I booked a session with Scarlett and Mackenzie for my first makeup and photo shoot ever. I was immediately at ease... with these two women and Wendy began to shine through. I was amazed at the beauty they uncovered in me. I looked BEAUTIFUL and whats more is I felt just as beautiful. I am already planning another photo shoot and makeup session it was that wonderful!💋Wendyread more

Testimonials from Crossdressing Clients » GLOSSDRESS (8)

z z

20:18 21 Feb 22

I had a great time. Everything was prompt, casual, and low-key. Thebeautician (Roxy) was supportive and friendly,... and also very talented. She did a super job.read more

Testimonials from Crossdressing Clients » GLOSSDRESS (9)

Amber Drezzer

16:32 11 Jan 22

If you’re looking at this review you’re probably wondering what your experience will be like… Maybe you’re a first... timer like I was? Maybe you’re a little scared or nervous? Well I can tell you, DONT BE! Scarlett and her team are truly professionals. From the second I walked through the door they made me feel welcome. I was quite nervous, but they were so nice and understanding. Within half an hour I was totally at ease. The transformation was unbelievable. And the photo session was extremely well done. They made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole session. If you’re even considering this, I urge you to do it. You WILL NOT regret it. This will be an amazing experience that you carry with you for the rest of your life. I can’t wait to go again!!!read more

Testimonials from Crossdressing Clients » GLOSSDRESS (10)

Megan Teixeira

05:07 18 Dec 21

What Miss Scarlett is doing for the community is beyond admirable. The studio is a warm and inviting space to be... yourself and have fun. I would highly recommend GLOSS to any and all. XOXOread more

Testimonials from Crossdressing Clients » GLOSSDRESS (11)


23:42 17 Dec 21

Hi, I am CD Sapphire. I met Miss Scarlett in Hong Kong almost 3 years ago, when I had my first Gloss makeover. I had a... very limited wardrobe (think sissy in panties) up until that point as had no idea if or how far I was going to take cross dressing or this lifestyle. I can surely say my Gloss makeover was a pivotal moment. From the moment I was greeted by the two beautiful female stylists at the door to makeup, choosing outfits, taking glam pics. OMG it was an eye opener. Seeing how good I could look and feeling how comfortable I could feel - due in large part to the warm and supportive women at Gloss - opened my eyes and I have never looked back. Well, look at me now! Thank You Miss Scarlett and Gloss! Kisses, Saph 💋read more

Testimonials from Crossdressing Clients » GLOSSDRESS (12)

Natalie R

04:00 16 Dec 21

I booked a makeover (humblebrag, the first makeover) with Scarlett and Mackenzie at GLOSS and it was a fantastic... experience. They were incredibly positive and welcoming and did everything they could to put me totally at ease - within minutes of getting into the salon chair I was having a great time, and even though I've been crossdressing for years, this was the first time I'd ever done it in front of other people. That was a total non-issue - "we've seen it all before," Scarlett told me. "We'll make sure you enjoy yourself." They delivered.It's a cool, laid-back, friendly and accommodating bunch of folks here running an atmospheric little studio tucked away discreetly in an old mill (and discretion's important for us CDs). I brought my own clothes, but there's a selection to try if you're a first-timer or looking for a new look. Scarlett is great with a camera if you want to have photos taken - check out the website for the full menu of what's on offer.I left my appointment feeling great, and if you're thinking about visiting, do it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.read more

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Filtered Google Maps Reviews (GLOSS USA)

Sometimes our reviews are filtered, hidden, and deleted by the Google algorithm. This is because the algorithm scans for reviews left by recently-made Gmail accounts, thinking they are fake, and deletes them accordingly. This is difficult for GLOSS, because mostof our reviews are left by recently-made Gmail accounts. (I always encourage clients to create a separate Gmail account for theirfemme persona, if they haven’t already, to communicate and leave reviews for CD-related businesses without revealing their actual name.) I wrote a letter to Google but in the meantime, here are some reviews from our Google Maps listing that the algorithm has filtered out, so far…

Testimonials from Crossdressing Clients » GLOSSDRESS (13)

Testimonials from Crossdressing Clients » GLOSSDRESS (14)

GLOSS Hong Kong

“Dear Scarlett, I hope this finds you well and would like to thank you for the wonderful session today and I really enjoyed a lot and it was like a dream come true for me. Raven was really great and supported me in the best possible way. I really felt 3 hrs was really short for this but it was one of the best moments I lived and explored my feminine side. Still I want to try lot of things and would really like to come back one day. I am not sure when it will happen but this I know I have to come back but would like to request you to add some more options like long gowns, satin clothes, etc. Also as I requested if someday you can offer a night stay with full experience I would definitely like to come. If ever you are ready then I would like to specially come to Hong Kong for this and I can come straight from airport and stay at Gloss and then go back straight. That one night to stay as feminine in a company of a girl would be something I really like to try with lot of new options. Eat , drink and sleep as feminine.

Please keep me updated and hopefully if you start with the stay option can plan even sooner. Also I would like to suggest if you can start this business in India you can have a very good customers and if you need any help in that you can always contact me. Thanks once and take care till we meet next. Say my hello to Raven and tell her I will surely come back one day.”


“The session was lots of fun, and it was nice to see myself as someone else in the mirror.

Raven is a lovely person with lots of conversation, which put me at ease. The shoes she put me in at the end were wonderful, but tricky to walk in. All in all a fun time.

Good luck with building your business!”


“I visited Gloss at short notice and was met by Scarlett who introduced me to one of her girls. The young lady was wonderful. Very patient and a skilled beautician. She helped me select an appropriate outfit and proceeded to transform me with her make-up skills.

She started with simple make-up which became more complex as we worked through different outfits. She took some great pictures for me and I was more than happy with how she made me look. She finished the session by giving me some pointers as to how I should apply make-up for myself.

It was a most enjoyable afternoon.

I put some of the pictures she took on a website I use and have got some really positive comments. Not to mention several offers of a date!”


“I recently visited Gloss for a makeover that Miss Scarlett kindly arranged. It was a blissful experience where I was able to let go and enjoy all things femme, without feeling self conscious at all.

The first step was the choice of clothing. I brought quite a lot of my own clothes. That was fine. I mixed and matched with Gloss’s extensive wardrobe, with the help of the girls. Lingerie underneath and the right skirt and blouse, with a pair of sexy heels. The girls were super helpful in helping me make these difficult (for me) choices.

The next part was makeup. Now that I was dressed I already felt very feminine but there was more to come. One of the girls started the process by firstly considering my natural complexion to best choose the right mix to make me look as passable as possible. Eyelashes, lipstick and for me I wanted a slightly understated look at first, which she accommodated. Once it was done, Wow, I was pleasantly surprised how passable I was.

Makeup wasn’t the end of it. We had to choose the right hair. I brought four wigs. We narrowed that down to two. Miss Scarlett has plenty in the gloss wardrobe too. Anyway we tried on each one and the girls helped me choose the right one that suited my features, and importantly for me, was age appropriate.

I was then ready to pose for photos and to walk around and bask in my own beauty. I truly felt gorgeous. The girls helped me with my posture for photos and carry myself more en femme during my escape. It was so much fun. We took lots of photos with my camera phone. Anonymity is important for me and the girls were completely respectful and understanding of this. Then sat down and examined the photos and really liked several.

Then, the second girl glammed up my makeup to the next level, which was more flamboyant. I wanted to contrast an understated look with a more glamorous one. It was wonderful. Very skilful girl! Then I changed my heels and outfit to then pose for a completely different set of photos. We took some more fabulous photos and I got better at posing during the session as the girls gave me feedback on posing, and I was clearly learning.

How the time flew! Before I knew it, three hours had passed and my makeover was over. There was a no rush atmosphere that made me feel so much at ease. The experience has given me a greater appreciation of what I can look like and be. I loved being the centre of attention and a queen for the day. Highly recommended!”


Testimonials from Crossdressing Clients » GLOSSDRESS (2024)
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