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Table of Contents

  • A Note to You

  • Limited Warranty

  • Installation

  • Combustible Materials

  • Gas Connections

  • Finishing the Installation

  • Operation

  • Troubleshooting

  • Maintenance

  • Replacement Parts Lists


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Manufactured by

K & W Mfg. Co. Inc., Corona, California

Installation & Operation Instructions

For Gas Barbecues Models 5454 and 5458

Table ofContents

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Table of Contents


Summary of Contents for Flame-Broil 5454

  • Page 1 Manufactured by K & W Mfg. Co. Inc., Corona, California Installation & Operation Instructions For Gas Barbecues Models 5454 and 5458...
  • Page 2 This page intentionally blank...
  • Page 3: A Note To You

    For a period of five (5) years following purchase, K & W Mfg. Co., Inc. will repair or replace, at the discretion of K & W Mfg. Co., Inc., any Flame-Broil Barbecue unit found to be defective by K & W Mfg. Co., Inc. or their authorized representative.
  • Page 4: Installation

    1.1 Setting up your stand or enclosure Flame-Broil barbecue equipment may be installed in many different types of enclosures or stands. If you are planning to build a permanent enclosure and/or change your gas plumbing, it is highly recommended that you check with your local building department concerning building codes and permits.
  • Page 5: Gas Connections

    Our barbecues are also designed to vent though the cooking grill area. Therefore, air must be allowed to flow though the top of the unit. Only use a Flame-Broil barbecue accessory to cover the cooking grill area. 1.2 Gas Connections CAUTION: Propane, also known as LP, is a gas that is heavier than the surrounding air.
  • Page 6 1.2.1 Permanent Gas Connection Standard 1/2 in. iron gas pipe is recommended to make the connection from your household gas supply to your barbecue equipment. A shut-off valve in the gas line is recommended for safety and convenience. If the barbecue unit is accessible to children, a shut-off valve with a removable key is highly recommended.
  • Page 7 1.2.2 Propane (LP) Bottle Connection You must use a fuel pressure regulator with your propane bottle because the gas is stored under pressure. We recommend using iron gas pipe to extend outside of the body of your unit before connecting to the hose and regulator.
  • Page 8: Finishing The Installation

    The briquet grate goes on the first shelf above the burner(s). The briquet grate is the single grill piece. Then, the Broilettes are laid down. Flame-Broil barbecue units are equipped with stainless steel Broilettes. No rock is used with Broilettes. Your barbecue grill comes with sufficient Broilettes for efficient usage. It is not necessary for the Broilettes to cover the entire briquet grate.
  • Page 9: Operation

    2 Operation CAUTION: Do not leave your barbecue equipment unattended after the burner has been lit. Most fires and accidents occur when the unit has been left unattended while the flame is burning. 2.1 Lighting the Burner(s) Your barbecue is equipped with two gas control valves with built-in ignitors.
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    2.3 Troubleshooting Here are some of the common problems that sometimes occur with gas barbecue equipment. If these solutions do not solve your problem, please contact us for help. 2.3.1 It won’t light. There are two possible reasons for the unit not to light. a) The ignitor isn’t sparking.
  • Page 11 2.3.1 It gets too hot. The natural gas valve orifice is being used when the barbecue equipment is burning LP (propane) gas. The table on the left gives the drill size of the holes in the orifices. If you do not have a drill set to test your orifices, try comparing all of the orifices that came with your equipment.
  • Page 12: Maintenance

    3 Maintenance Periodic inspection and cleaning of your barbecue equipment will ensure its proper operation. The following checklist is recommended. Clean the cooking grills, broilettes and briquet grate. Clean the burner(s), venturis and valves. Clean the grill interior. Check the ignitor. Reassemble and test.
  • Page 13 3.3 Clean the Burner(s) and Venturis At this point, you should remove the face of the unit for easier access. Remove the knobs by pulling them straight out from the valve bezel. The knobs fit tight on the valve stems. You may need to carefully lever the knobs from their stems with a screwdriver.
  • Page 14 Each valve is equipped with an ignitor. As the valve knob is turned from “OFF” towards “HIGH”, gas is released into the collection tube. When the knob reaches “HIGH”, a high voltage sent along the spark wire to the electrode tip. A spark from the electrode tip lights the gas in the collection tube.
  • Page 15: Replacement Parts Lists

    4 Replacement Parts Lists i r c t e l c i f c i f , l l i i r c t e l c i f c i f , l l i Page 13...

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