Dead Island 2: Fuse Box Locations in Bel Air (2024)

Fuses in Dead Island 2 can sometimes be tricky to find at first, and with so many Fuse Boxes spread throughout beautiful Hell-A, many completionists will want to locate and open them all. However, once you know where to find Fuses in Dead Island 2, it's a case of searching each world map area for Fuse Boxes to actually use them on and open up secret locations leading to weapon rewards inside Zomproof Slayer Horde boxes, which can include both Rare and Superior weapons (but not Legendary, of course).



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Dead Island 2's Bel Air is the first map region you'll explore and contains six known Fuse Box locations for you to find and access, including a tricky Fuse Box located at Emma's mansion, or so it might seem. Zomproof Slayer Hoard Box rewards seem to be random and match player-level, so it's worth keeping this in mind. For example, searching for Fuse Box locations after progressing further in the story can help you gain access to some of the most powerful weapon rewards possible.

Updated May 29th, 2024 by Jacob Buchalter: With the two major DLCs for Dead Island 2 now out and playable, fans pretty much have most of the content they're going to get for Dead Island 2, and there's quite a bit of content to get through overall. Other than just completing the story, doing all the sidequests, and getting the 'best' guns, players also have a whole lot of secrets to find. One of the primary secrets they'll be encountering first are the Fuse Boxes that need Fuses inserted into them to open nearby doors. These rooms, opened by Fuses, typically have a Zomproof Slayer Hoard box in them as well as a whole bunch of other supplies, so they're absolutely worth hunting down. With that in mind, let's go over where each of the ones in Bel Air specifically is found.

Bel Air Fuse Box Locations

There's a Lot of Them to Find in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2: Fuse Box Locations in Bel Air (2)

Those of you who have progressed far enough into the game to unlock the ability to use Dead Island 2's fast travel mechanics can use said mechanics to quickly get back to Emma Jaunt's mansion and use this as a starting point for hunting down all the Fuse Boxes. Thankfully, when you discover a Fuse Box location, a small 'fuse' symbol appears on the map, marking its location in case you don't currently have a Fuse on you. In total, there are six Fuse Boxes for you to find all across Bel Air.

Fusebox Location 1

Near Emma's Mansion

The 1st Fuse Box is located just around the corner from Emma's mansion in a small alley. Use the Fuse to open a locked door leading to a wide open garage with some basic Zombies on the ground and a whole lot of supplies. You should have no issue finding all of the supplies in here as well as the Zomproof Slayer Hoard Box near the gas valve.

Fusebox Location 2

On the Side of Colt Swanson's Mansion

The 2nd of 6 Fuse Boxes is found around the side of the house opposite Emma's mansion, aka the mansion of one Colt Swanson (the first 'named' zombie you meet in Dead Island 2). Locate the Fuse Box on the wall around the side of the mansion to open up a side entrance into a room that can't be accessed from inside the Mansion. In this room is another Zomproof Slayer Horde Box as well as all the usual collectible goodies.

Fusebox Location 3

Behind Curtis' Mansion

The 3rd Fuse Box is found near another one of Bel Air's many mansions, this time it's Curtis Sinclair's mansion, where players complete the Death of the Party side quest and bring Curtis back to Emma's mansion. Head around the back of Curtis Sinclair's home to the garages behind (you'll see an abandoned black van parked in front of them) to find the next Fuse Box on the wall next to the rightmost garage.

Interact with this, pop the Fuse in, and head inside to find a big group of basic zombies. Once you take care of them, the Zomproof Slayer Horde Box at the back of the garage and the entirety of the garage itself is covered with all kinds of different supplies.

Fusebox Location 4

Sewer Entrance

The 4th Fuse Box in Bel Air is located south of Emma's mansion halfway down the circular path leading down to the sewer entrance. Basically, while walking down this path, keep looking to your left and you should see the Fuse Box and door it opens pretty easily.

Once you open this room, you'll reveal a Firefighter Walker who is immune to electricity damage, which you'll be able to tell at a glance given that the floor of this room is electrified. Take out the Firefighter, thank him for his service, and then shoot the panel on the back wall to turn off the electricity so you can safely walk in and grab all the goodies inside.

Fusebox Location 5

Near the Goat Pen

Players can find the 5th Bel Air Fuse Box in a small enclosed area below the Goat Pen mansion, which you'll probably recognize given you found the Goat Pen Master Keys there. In any case, from the Goat Pen, descend the steps to a small alley with a large closed doublegate that you can't hop over.

Use the Fuse on the Fusebox right next to this double gate to open them, revealing a pretty open outdoor area absolutely covered in blood that of course has a Zomproof Slayer Hoard Box as well as a bunch of other supplies.

The Final Fusebox In Emma's Mansion

It's a Bit More Hidden Than the Rest

The 6th and final Fuse Box is the trickiest one to find in Bel Air by far, as the map actually leads you astray since it'll look like the Fuse Box is inside Emma's mansion. However, to actually find this Fuse Box, you've got to head into the sewers underneath Emma's mansion, which only become accessible after the Flushed Questline.

Head through the tunnel and follow the path around to some fenced areas. Parkour up the first fence and shoot the panel on the wall next to this broken fence (as seen in the image above) crouch walk through the now accessible broken fence entrance, and you'll see the Fuse Box on the left side of the wall with the door it opens right next to it.

After opening the door, you'll be faced with a Slobber Walker as well as a room being continuously covered in corrosive fluid. Thankfully, if you grab the valve wheel on the on the floor by the grate outside the Fuse Box room and attach it to the valve to the right of the door this will turn off the pipe pumping the green goo into this room. Then, you can walk inside and grab all the nice loot inside.

Dead Island 2: Fuse Box Locations in Bel Air (3)
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Dead Island 2: Fuse Box Locations in Bel Air (2024)


Dead Island 2: Fuse Box Locations in Bel Air? ›

The Venice Autos Fuse Box can be found in the corner of the map by the Venice Autos garage and behind the Muscle Beach Nutrition shop facing east. Be careful in this area as Crushers and Butchers can be found here. Lenny's Fusebox can be found west of the Blue Crab Grill and in the parking lot opposite Lenny's.

Where to find fuses in Bel Air Dead Island 2? ›

We picked up fuses from Traders in the following locations:
  • Beverly Hills: Roxanne's House - Roger.
  • Beverly Hills: Red House on north side - Francesca.
  • Bel-Air: Emma's Mansion - Carlos.
  • Hollywood Boulevard: Re-Aging Clinic - Todd.
  • The Pier: Lifeguard HQ - Ezekiel.
  • Venice Beach: Blue Crab Grill - Kai.
Feb 22, 2024

Where are the fuses in Dead Island 2 Venice Beach? ›

The Venice Autos Fuse Box can be found in the corner of the map by the Venice Autos garage and behind the Muscle Beach Nutrition shop facing east. Be careful in this area as Crushers and Butchers can be found here. Lenny's Fusebox can be found west of the Blue Crab Grill and in the parking lot opposite Lenny's.

Where are the two fuse panels located? ›

Usually, you will find two fuse boxes in the car. One is located under the hood and the other is found in the dashboard or near the steering wheel. The fuse under the hood protects important engine components and accessories like battery, ECU and cooling fan.

Where is the fusebox location 2 in Bel Air? ›

Fusebox Location 2 in Bel Air

The next fusebox is discoverable inside the house opposite Emma's mansion. Locate the fusebox on the wall on the side of the house to open up a side entrance, revealing the Zomproof Slayer Horde and the usual collectible goodies.

Can you craft fuses in Dead Island 2? ›

Unlike many items, you can't craft fuses, either, so you'll want to stock up on them whenever you can afford them. Having a full loadout of three fuses as often as possible will help you open the many fuse doors around LA.

What is the best weapon in Dead Island 2? ›

Emma's Wrath is the undisputed best weapon in Dead Island 2. This massive sledgehammer is capable of knocking down even the largest groups of enemies with its powerful Shockwave ability. However, it really shines in boss fights where its raw melee power absolutely rips through single targets.

Where do I find the fuse re2? ›

Search the desks in the East Office for this fuse to open the shutter back to Main Hall. in Leon's Story, you can find an additional Fuse in the Break Room's bed area, which can be used in the nearby hallway.

How to get into the military base in Venice Beach Dead Island 2? ›

You can access this area of the military base in Venice Beach by using the entrance on the southeast side. In this first area, you will find a satellite dish sitting atop some wooden pallets.

Where are most fuse boxes located? ›

Fuse boxes are typically located in your home's basem*nt, garage, or utility room. If you have an older home, you may have a fuse box instead of a circuit breaker. Fuse boxes are not as common as they once were, but they can still be found in some homes.

Where is the location of fuse? ›

Check your garage for the circuit breaker or fuse box. It might also be in a storage room, utility room, the basem*nt, or a hallway. If you can't find your box in one of these areas, look again or see if you can spot where the power connects to your house from outside. Check for your box in the surrounding areas.

Where to find circuit breakers in Dead Island 2? ›

Now it's time to get a Circuit Breaker. Go back around to the Parking Lot behind the shop and continue over to Venice Motors, which is just opposite. Go through the door and into the Garage, to find the Sales/Enquiries office. Here, on the shelves, you can find a Circuit Breaker.

Where are the fuses in the Silo Mission? ›

GTA Online: Mount Chiliad Silo Fuse Locations

More specifically, players will see two green crates stacked on the left side of the hallway immediately upon exiting the breaker room, and the fuse is sitting atop those crates.

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