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  • Level 478 is an almost infinite hallway with shelves full of bottles of soda from our world, like co*ke, Sprite, etc. Not much is known about this level ...

  • Level 478 is an almost infinite hallway with shelves full of bottles of soda from our world, like co*ke, Sprite, etc. Not much is known about this level because it was discovered recently. It also has some vending machines once in a few kilometers as in level 6.1. Almond water its also present between the soda bottles Safe Secure Minimal entity county It has a population of 42 As the name suggest, they pray to the co*ke They might been no-clipped during the neolithic era Punk-stylish band Their fa

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  • Backrooms Wiki:Levels 400-499. Level 400 ‣ ""The ... ‣ "How Random?" Level 476 ‣ {NO DATA}. Level 477 ‣ "The Non-Circadian Hotel". Level 478 ... Backrooms Wiki is a ...

  • Level 404.1 (Joke) ‣ "Connection Lost" LEVEL CRUDE Level 468.1 ‣ "Rocky Sea" [[{{{1}}}]]

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  • May 16, 2024 · Level 46 – “Backrooms Television Studio” ... Level 227 · Level 228 · Level 229 · Level 230 · Level 231 · Level 232 · Level 233 ... Level 478 · Level ...

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  • May 17, 2022 · Level 141 - "The Boiler Rooms" Level 142 ... Level 478 - [NO DATA] Level 479 - [NO DATA] ... Level 522 - "The Backrooms Robotics Headquarters"

  • 12 discussion posts. Beetlebug said: --, Beetlebug said: Normal Levels form the framework of the Backrooms, and vary greatly in size, danger, and inhabit...

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  • Nov 14, 2022 · Level 478 L是Level 478的左室也是被观测到的唯一左室生存难度:Class MACHOs》高频急促》观测稳定》环境危害“急促观测大质量致密'电子'晕天体”(划 ...

  • Level 478 L是Level 478的左室也是被观测到的唯一左室生存难度:Class MACHOs》高频急促》观测稳定》环境危害“急促观测大质量致密‘电子’晕天体”(划掉)描述该楼层表现为以暗淡的灰色所聚集而成的空间,整体上来说为正方体,由中心与外部所组合而成,且在该楼层中会时不时发出刺耳的噪音与视角开始模糊,言语。中心中心类似于正方体,当迷失者来到此处时,都会被未知的迷茫所覆盖,中心上部由爱与错视所构造的天窗组成,天窗的中央有着一个天文望远镜,当迷失者选择观测时,会随机触发一些观测事件中

【backrooms|熟】level 478 L 循环窒息- 哔哩哔哩 - Bilibili

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Backrooms Level 478 (2024)


What is the 9223372036854775807 level of Backrooms? ›

Level 9223372036854775807, also known as The Escherian Stairwell, is a Level in Escape the Backrooms. It appears to be an infinite stone staircase.

What is level 10000 in the Backrooms? ›

Level -10000 is the -9999th level in the Backrooms. This level is described as long, never-ending crosses of hallways. These hallways are found in different colors and each color is proven to have a different effect. Almond water is still a scarce resource on this level.

What is the scariest Backrooms level? ›

The creepiest level in the backrooms is level 7, also known as Thalasiphobia. It consists of endless floods. and no one has ever explored the entire thing.

Is Backrooms level 777 safe? ›

The Big 3 are the most dangerous casinos available on Level 777. They all have extremely high stakes, and every dealer is a master in their game. They all are accessible to anyone, but be warned, they don't hold back.

What is level 100000 in the Backrooms? ›

Description. Level -100,000 is a simple and infinite expanse of a maze that is in different themes with different exits.

Do the Backrooms ever end? ›

The game is a roguelike style so like many roguelikes there is no true "ending" that you would find in a more story driven game.

What is level 0.1 in Backrooms? ›

Level 0.1 is home to many of the most known entities, such as Skin-Stealers, Wretches, Hounds, Facelings, Death Moths, Aranea Membri, Smilers and Clumps. Due to the absence of humans, Skin Stealers will instead attack the other entities.

What is level 0 called in backrooms? ›

Level 0 is the 1st level of the Backrooms, being the first location that most wanderers will initially find themselves in.

What is the most unsafe level in the Backrooms? ›

Despite possessing no known tangible threats, Level 6 is regarded as being one of the most dangerous levels in the Backrooms because of its sheer darkness. A significant portion of the Wanderers that enter this level permanently lose themselves or go missing.

What is the rarest level in backrooms? ›

Rarest Levels of the Backrooms
  • 1 Regular rare levels.
  • 2 Level ⛔ "You are not supposed to be here"
  • 3 Level 🏳️‍🌈 "The Rainbow Road"
  • 4 Level 🌈 "The End of the Rainbow"
  • 5 Level 🏠 "Nostalgia"
  • 6 Level 🏄‍♂️ "Wave chaos"
  • 7 Level 🌲 "Forest"
  • 8 Level TREE(4) "The Alpha Sub-Space"
May 17, 2024

What is the most creepy entity in backrooms? ›

Smilers. Entity 3, known as The Smiler is by far the most terrifying entity in Inside The Backrooms. Not only do these creatures have a sinister look, but the way they appear and lurk around every corner makes their presence that much more terrifying.

How safe is Level 1 Backrooms? ›

Unlike Level 0, this Level possesses a consistent supply of water and electricity, which allows indefinite habitation by wanderers providing that appropriate precautions are taken. It is also far more expansive, possessing staircases, elevators, isolated rooms, and hallways.

Is level 0 safe backrooms? ›

Level 0 is a low-risk, safe level to explore with low odds of encountering an entity. Mainly, entities such as Dullers and Clumps are the ones to appear, but also, you can find one or more Facelings residing in Dens or several groups of Facelings at an Outpost.

Is level 69 safe backrooms? ›

Level 69 is the 70th Level of the Backrooms: A deserted, infinite highway shrouded in thick fog and pitch darkness. Anyone that finds their way into this level must stay in the car they began in or perish.

Is the 777 the best plane? ›

The 777 Flies the Most ETOPS Routes in the World

Designed to begin extended operations (ETOPS) at delivery, the 777 quickly became the preferred airplane for busy long-distance routes, especially across the Pacific Ocean.

How to escape level 9223372036854775807? ›

There isn't much else to this level. The main objective is to climb up the stairs until you manage to find a floor with an out of place number 94, and then jumping in the middle of the staircase, this will bring the player to Level 94.

What is the final level of backrooms? ›

Level 9223372036854775807, also known as "An Endless Ending," or "The True Final Level," is the (signed) 64-bit integer limit on a computer, and is presumably the final level of the Backrooms.

How do you say 9223372036854775807? ›

  1. 2⁶³−1.
  2. nine quintillion two hundred twenty three quadrillion three hundred seventy two trillion thirty six billion eight hundred fifty four million seven hundred seventy five thousand eight hundred and seven.
  3. 9223372036854775807.
  4. 2^63-1.
  5. M63.
  6. 9.22337x10^18.

What is the level 0 place in backrooms? ›

Level 0 is an expansive non-Euclidean space, resembling the back rooms of a commercial building. All rooms in Level 0 share the same superficial features, such as worn mono-yellow wallpaper, old moist carpet, scattered electrical outlets, and inconsistently-placed fluorescent lighting.

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